Vorsätzliche Selbstbeschädigung

Information Design / Editorial Design 2011

The magazine is structured like an annual report about suicide using info-graphics to illustrate statistical data material. The first part represents the current situation and figures for suicide in Germany. The second part examines suicide in Europe and correlates suicide statistics with statistics from other fields like unemployment, weather and religion. In both parts X becomes the visual key element. It serves as anonymous code for committed suicides.

Suizid_schwarz_1_webSuizid_schwarz_2_webSuizid_schwarz_4_webSuizid_schwarz_3_webSuizid_schwarz_5_webSuizid_schwarz_6_webSuizid_schwarz_7_webSuizid_schwarz_10_web Suizid_schwarz_9_web Suizid_schwarz_8_web