Web Design 2015

Conception and design of a responsive website for fashion designer Stefanie Hertling. The site was created as a simple one pager. After a short slideshow in the beginning the user dives into the chronologically arranged ‘collections', followed by information ‘about' Stefanie and her ‘contact'. By having a shortcut menu all elements are instantly accessible to the user. Subtle structured elements and icons guide through the website. The sub-item ‘inspiration’ reveals insights into sketchbooks and collages that present the leading idea of each collection. Visit:

SH_Website_1_2_web SH_Website_1_web.jpg SH_Website_2_web SH_Website_3_web SH_Website_4_web SH_Website_5_web SH_Website_6_web SH_Website_7_web SH_Website_8_web SH_Website_9_web